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The Maine Coon cat

General rule

In official terminology, the outer characteristics of some types is namely the standard. This word is the regulation to which the given types must comply to. It determines the expectations of the desirable size, position and form of the head (chin, forehead, ears and eyes), the torso, the feet, the coat and the tail. A breeder has to adhare to compliance to the expectation to which the kittens must comply.

Outer characteristics

The body of Maine Coon is large, long, muscular and rectangle shaped. Its chest is wide, its legs are strong, its muscles are hard - this gives the robust structure of the breed.

The neck is muscular, stronger at the males than at the females.
Their feet are medium long compared to their body, that's how the rectangular based body-shape is created.
The head is medium sized, square shaped. The forehead is gently curved. The face-bones are high, strong and outstanding.
The face and nose are medium long, while the jawline is square.
Nowadays the wider jawline is desired; to which strong jaw is coupled, is in line with the line of the nose.
The shape and size of the ears are large, that rest on a wide base.
At the top of these are the very characteristic lumps that are typical of this Maine breed.
In terms of the position of the ears, it is best if they are placed as high and as close to each other as possible.
The eyes are large and relatively wide, slightly oval in shape. For this breed, all eye colours are allowed - no restrictions.
The paws are large, round in base and with tufts of hair between them.
The tail is about as long as the body but should reach at least to the cat's shoulder blades. The base of the tail is broad and tapers towards the end, the fur being long.
The coat is half long, on the head, on the back and on the legs is shorter, while on the neck and back, on the buttocks and tail is longer, and naturally depends on the weather conditions. The undercoat is fine soft, the topcoat is slightly softer. The feel of the coat is very silky overall.
There are kittens with fur in different colours and patterns.

Its nature

We don’t have to worry about its size and strict look. We also call them gentle giants for this reason. The breed is extremely intelligent. The Maine Coon is basically cheerful, exploratory and open-minded. It adapts well to the owner's time. In general, like all cats, they are more active in the morning and evening. Maine Coons love to play, either alone or in company. They can be taught to retrieve like dogs.

Available Maine Coon kittens

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About me

"This is my job, my love and my hobby too. These Maine Coon kittens were raised in a familiar place, are good for hobby and contractual breeding. If you have any questions, call me with confidence or write me a message."

- Krisztina Mikolai

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